Who can ask for it?

Natural Persons

Those investors who make a significant investment in Spain:

  • Real estate assets (€ 500,000)
  • Bank stocks or deposits (€ 1 million)
  • Public debt (€ 2 million)
  • Business projects in Spain considered of general interest.

Legal Persons

You can request a visa or authorisation as long as you have a report prepared by the DGCOMINVER that proves that the company is domiciled in a country that does not have the status of a tax haven and you have a majority stake in it (article 63.3 of Law 14/13 ).


Apart from being an investor, Golden Visa Spain applicants must comply the following requirements:

  • Lack of a criminal record in the last 5 years, either in Spain or in any other country where you have previously resided.
  • Never having received a denial of entry in any of the Schengen countries or in any country with which Spain maintains immigration agreements.
  • Not having entered or remained illegally in Spanish territory.
  • Have a public or private medical insurance that covers your stay in Spain.
  • Even if you have the right to work in Spain, the Golden Visa applicant must have sufficient financial means to remain unemployed (and also your family, if applicable).
  • Do not suffer from any of the contagious diseases included in the list of the 2005 International Health Regulations.


  • Residir in the Spanish national territory for one year.
  • Work in that territory.
  • Circulate freely for all the member countries of the Schengen Treaty for a maximum period of 90 days, without the need to request additional visas.
  • The obtaining does not require effective residence in Spain, being understood as such to be superior to 183 days. It is only required to visit Spain once during the period of residence.
  • You do not have to be a tax resident in Spain, but you must be taxed in Spain for the investments you make in our country.
  • Bring your relatives to Spain, with the same Golden Visa coverage. The Golden Visa Spain is extended to the spouse or registered partner of another type, to the minor children and to the dependent parents of the holder and of his partner, as well as to the dependent adult children.

On the other hand, children or parents who are not objectively dependent will have to apply for the visa on their own. The only requirement for family members is proof of lack of criminal records, illegal entry into Shengen territory and visa denials.


  1. Application form for the residence visa
  2. Valid passport
  3. Mandatory health insurance policy, public or private.
  4. Certificate of lack of criminal record in the last five years.
  5. Bank statement showing the possession of sufficient funds for the maintenance of the applicant and his family in Spain.
  6. Marriage certificate, registration of couple and / or birth of the children in case that the extension of the visa to relatives is requested simultaneously. In the case of children and dependent parents, official certificate proving dependence.
  7. Documents accrediting the investments made.

The documents to apply for the Golden Visa Spain are presented at the corresponding Spanish consulate in the applicant’s country of origin. It can be presented by the interested party or a duly authorized representative. All the documents that are contributed must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. All foreign public documents must be previously legalized or, as the case may be, apostilled. Applications will be resolved and notified within 10 business days.

The Residence Authorisation for Investors


  • The holder of a residence visa for investors (Golden Visa) in force or within the period of ninety calendar days following the expiration of the visa, previously making at least one entry in the Spanish territory to the residence application. the investor visa.
  • If the foreign investor is legally in Spain with a tourist visa and does not hold a residence visa for investors, he can also apply for residence for investors.
  • Place of presentation: Applications for residence authorisation for investors are presented in the Large Companies and Strategic Collectives Unit in Madrid, personally or through a representative, which will save them consular procedures.
  • Term for obtaining a residence permit for investors in Spain, residence applications must be resolved within 20 working days. If the authorities do not respond within this period, the authorisation will be granted automatically, due to administrative silence.
  • The residence authorisation for investors in Spain is valid for 2 years, renewable for successive periods of 5 years, if the condition of maintaining the investment is met.
  • The rights obtained with the residence authorisation for investors in Spain are the same as the visa, that is, to reside and work in Spanish territory, only that the term is longer.


We must distinguish between residence visas, residence permits and fiscal residence. A person is considered a tax resident in Spain if one of the following two cases occurs:

Spend more than 183 days in the country during the calendar year (sporadic absences are not taken into consideration).

That the main nucleus or base of its activities or economic interests reside in Spain, directly or indirectly. The legal system understands that the nucleus of vital interests is in our country when the spouse (not legally separated) and minor children who depend on the taxpayer have their habitual residence in Spain.


The same as for obtaining the residence visa, only that in this case the application form will be the one corresponding to the residence authorisation. All the documents that are contributed must be translated into Spanish by a sworn translator. All foreign public documents must be previously legalized or, as the case may be, apostilled.

One of the ways to obtain Spanish nationality is by residence. To obtain it, the applicant must have spent ten years of residence legally, continued and immediately prior to the request.