1. Complete online form

You will need to complete the online form providing your:

  • Full name as it appears on your passport
  • Profession/occupation
  • Civil status – single, married, divorced, widow or widower
  • Parents’ first names

The online form provides us with the relevant data to start your application for Spanish residency.

Please note for every person that needs to become a Spanish resident, we will need a separate form to be completed. 

2. Confirm why you are applying for Spanish residency

It is important that we understand the reasons you are applying to become a resident in order that we can best advise you what paperwork we will need to submit or present to the authorities.

The right documentation will save you time, effort and expense, by ensuring we have everything you will need before you visit the authorities in Spain. Knowing in advance the reasons you have for residency, can help us identify if you are likely to need additional support in processing your application.

3. Make deposit payment online

Prior to starting to process any residency applications, we ask for a deposit per person.

Payment is made using our secure online payment system or PayPal method, remember that you are fully protected by our money back guarantee–no Spanish residency and your fee will be returned in full (with the exception of the Spanish authorities fees).

Our fees include our time to advise you of what paperwork you will need to submit prior to attending your appointment, preparing all documentation on your behalf, making an appointment for you with the local police station. And being on hand to answer any queries you may have around Spanish residency.

4. We will send you a confirmation email

Once we have received your contact information and deposit, we will send you a confirmation email outlining what you need to do next. You will need to send us copies of relevant documentation which is likely to include some of all of the following: your passport, bank details, details of employment you have in Spain (if working), health insurance (if under the age of 65), details of your pension (if retired).

5. You send the paperwork to us

Once you have gathered all the relevant information you will need to scan the documentation in and send it to us via email (or postal mail if you prefer). You will need to send the relevant documentation for each person applying for residency.

6. We prepare the official paperwork on your behalf

Having received your paperwork we will start to process your application. This will include preparing the payment and all official documentation (in Spanish) that you will need to take to the authorities.

7. We make appointments for you

Once we have received the balance of your payment due for your application, we will then make your appointment.Working with you and the local authorities we will endeavour to make a mutually convenient time for you to visit your local police station.

8. Visit the Spanish authorities

You will need to visit the authorities in Spain, no on-one can do this for you, although someone can attend to translate and help you.

For residents applying in Malaga and Granada provinces, one of our experienced team will accompany you on the appointment. Whilst this does incur a small travel charge for each appointment, you can be assured that we will be on hand to answer any questions, which may arise related to your application.

For residents of other regions of Spain, we will prepare all the paperwork for you and suggest you take a translator to the appointments. We can be on hand via telephone for any questions, which may arise.

9. Receive your Residency card

Following your appointment at the Police Station you will be given your card immediately.

10. Remember to change your driving licence

Once you are a Spanish resident you will need to change your driving licence from your home country to a Spanish driving licence. A local Gestor will be able to assist with this process or you can contact DGT directly.

Driving licenses issued in any Member State of the European Union or in States Party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area in accordance with Community regulations shall remain valid in Spain, under the conditions in which they were issued in their place of origin.

The holder of a driving license issued in one of these States that has acquired his normal residence in Spain will be subject to the Spanish provisions relating to his period of validity, control of his psychophysical aptitudes and assignment of a points credit.

The procedure for the exchange of the driving license of your country for a Spanish is a voluntary procedure but from our law firm we recommend the exchange to the nationals of the United Kingdom since when the United Kingdom leaves the Union it will be considered a third state and unless expressly agreed in this matter British citizens will not be able to drive with the British driving license, they will have to do it with an international permit that has a certain validity. So we insist on this exchange that will allow you to drive through Spain and throughout the European Union.

Please note: The speed of our service is reliant on how quickly you can return the documentation to us and your availability for an appointment at the DGT.

Guarantee confirmation

Remember by using getspanishresidency.com you are using a firm with a qualified English solicitor and Spanish abogados. We are regulated by the official Law societies of our profession. If for any reason we are unable to obtain you a residency in Spain, we will send you your money back (less any application fees) – no quibble, guaranteed.

Please note that your application fees once paid are valid for 12 months so, should you fail to receive residency, you can reapply at no additional cost.