Fees for Spanish residency

EU citizen applying for Spanish residency

Adult Applicant €495.00
Child under 18 Applicant €165.00

In addition to the above fees, if a member of our team accompanies you to the police station or foreigners office to apply for your residency or TIE card, we will charge 121 euros per applicant, including IVA. This will be payable in advance of the appointment.

Non EU Citizens applying for visas

  • Golden Visa/Investor visa for people with assets over 500,000 euros
  • Visa for non-working people with assets under 500,000 euros

Contact us to discuss your visa application.

Money back guarantee

No Spanish residency and we will give you your money back – a full refund. If we have paid any application fees to the Spanish authorities on your behalf or applied for official documents on your behalf, then these costs will be reimbursed. If for whatever reason you decide to withdraw from the residency application process once we have started to work on your behalf, we reserve the right to retain the deposit for work already carried out.